the study of the nature of problem of personal identity By

the study of the nature of problem of personal identity By

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I. Introduction
J. General remarks
This study deals with a philosophical inquiry into the nature of person and
he problem of personal identity' braved on a particular text known as

(bhidharmakniabhaga of Vasubandhu. The study follows the track of
development of the issue in Indian subed
iment in chronological order
starting from the Vedic period up to the period in which the next belongs.
Endiam philosophy has made its own genre in the modern scholarly field of
philosophy. Like Greek and Chinese philosophy, it is deeply involved with the

history and culture it belongs - distinctive as well as universal. In the process
of development, it underwear various kinds of interaction internally as well as
externally. Therefore, one should not overlook the historical aspect that
effects this interaction when a study is made on a certain subject of ancient
shilasaptry. Additionally, when the study is much dependent on a specific text.

shout an individual being
or about the very nature of him. It was about a person as an Ultimate Reality,
which is based on cosmological o
that had taken place price to
he insights on the individual being, In the Upanisadic period, there was an

endeavor related to the progress in psycho-physiological way of seeking the
self. In those days, especially in early Upamigads, the main themes of
philosophical inquiry were Brahman, Atman and Puruss, which are inherited
from the Vedic period. The significant aspect of Upanisadic approach to the,